Digital Film Restoration is the cleaning and preserving of old filmic footage. It is the process of repairing damaged films recorded on any format and presenting a new restored sequence of images in any media.

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Our Services

Digital Restoration Middle East (DRME) provides professional services in Film, Photo, Audio Restoration and Asset Management.

Read below for more information on our services:

Film Restoration: With the most modern technology in Film and Video Restoration, we are capable of retrieving any format, resolution or quality of film. With high resolution scanning, digital enhancement and colour correction we can eliminate the following from old filmic footage:

  • Scratch Removal
  • Dust busting
  • Stain Removal
  • Flicker Removal
  • Image Stabilization
  • Fungus mark removal

With our expertise, we are capable of bringing the aged film to life!
Photo Restoration: We use the most advance technology in Photo Restoration and we can clean up dust, fungus damage and scratches. We can also revive faded images, turn black and white into colour as well as digitally enhance low resolution images to HD format.

Audio Restoration: With Audio Restoration we digitize an audio source from formats like magnetic tapes and CDs. Further, we can convert hiss, crackle, noise, and buzz as well as muffling or low sound emission into stereo or Dolby quality sound.

Asset Management: We can not only restore your films, photographs and audio files but also enable you to generate substantial revenues for you and your organisation. The digitally restored files can be recalled through metadata eliminating the physical storing of tapes or reels.